Change Log

Major Scanning / Scoring Rewrite

July 4th, 2019
The original version of this site focused heavily on getting the content from the site and outputting suggestions. Scoring information gamifys security and creates additional motivation to improve your scoring. The previous version of the site worked in such a way that any "good" status was 10 points, and "improve" was 5, and any "bad" was a 0. Since headers have varying importance levels, and configuration options of those headers can greatly improve or reduce the effectiveness of a header, it only made sense to allow more dynamic scoring.

Rewrite Scanner

The scanner was implemented in such a way that improving the codebase was a mess. It was a demonstration piece that became useful. The entire backend of this site was rewrote to use a series of modules that can control their own point systems and output data about a header. This modularity makes improving a single module much easier and will only allow better scanning in the future.

Other Changes

Future Changes

Currently, we only check that you're using specfic headers, and a few parameters within them. The goal is to build out full parameter audit as well which will give you the best idea how you can improve your security.

Remember that your score probably will change when we make these changes. Some sites have improved in score, others have actually went down in score. We've also rebracketted the "score words" that quantify the number (Meh, Fail, etc). These have become more strict.